Are our children learning?

Are our children learning?

According to the regional ranking in a survey carried out by Uwezo on literacy and numeracy in the countries of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda it placed Uganda at position number three which was not good for us as a country. As a school we adopted a method of teaching reading and writing using jolly phonics. Jolly phonics is a fun and a child centered to teaching literacy through synthetic phonics with actions for each of the 42 letter sounds, the multi-sensory method is very motivating for children and teachers who can see their pupils/students achieve.

As a school we took our teachers through several internal refresher trainings to equip them with this approach/method of teaching reading instead of the rote alphabetical METHOD TO me I saw it as a success because we are current number one reference for parent seeking a better foundation in literacy and numeracy for their children This has further encouraged us to expand our primary section up to primary six come next year 2017

On the other hand, it hands it has it has been established that parental involvement in school programs and activities plays a pivotal role in the child’s performance, the school came up with a parent’s forum that handles issues beyond just academics but this forum meets termly to discuss the way forward for the social and economic aspects of the parents, teachers and pupils as a whole

Besides the above our school runs on national and international policies on both child protection and inclusion in a way that we are very keen on the learner’s educational needs that are very common today ranging from dyslexia, dyscalculia, communication difficulties, mobility problems to mention. Is the reason we therefore adopted approaches that cater for the varying educational learning needs of the children under our care and this gives the reason why we practice real inclusive education with well trained staff in areas of special needs education. In summary, hoping that you will like and enjoy the article.  “the journey may be so long but we at Firm found as believers truly know that we will get there.  ALUTA CONTINUA!!!

Erasmus Emmot

Head Teacher

Firm Found Little Stars    


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